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John Garrett garrett at his.com
Tue Dec 22 15:04:52 UTC 2015



Yes, I think that would be good and I am willing to be the named contact there also.


Best Holiday Wishes to all.


Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,



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To: James Afarin, Dr. - Secretary to CCSDS & CMC/CCSDS Ch. & Secr. to ISO TC20/SC13 <James.Afarin at nasa.gov>
Cc: Nestor Peccia, Dr. - Director CESG/CCSDS <Nestor.Peccia at esa.int>; MOIMS DAI List <moims-dai at mailman.ccsds.org>; CMC at mailman.ccsds.org; cesg at mailman.ccsds.org
Subject: [Moims-dai] Re: [CMC] CCSDS LIaison with CASCO


Dear James,


In view of the message Nestor Peccia sent us, as attached, I would like to mention that in the two lists 

of INTERNAL (with restrict access) and EXTERNAL (with public access) of ISO TC2/SC13 members, 

liaisons and associates we maintain and also update on a monhtly basis, in SC13 ISO/Livelink and 

CCSDS/CWE Websites, a partial excerpt related to the existing CCSDS-SC13 common liaisons, presents 

the folowing contents: 
















ISO TC 046/SC 11

Liaison ISO                                              (6-i)

John G. Garrett - Mr. 

 <mailto:garrett at his.com> garrett at his.com 

ISO TC 046/SC 11

Liaison representative                                 (6-e)

Hofman, H. - Mr. 

hhofman60 at gmail.com <mailto:hhofman60 at gmail.com>  

ISO TC 46/SC 4

Liaison representative

Hakala, Juha – Mr. 

juha.hakala at helsinki.fi <mailto:juha.hakala at helsinki.fi>  

ISO TC 46/SC 4

Liaison representative

SIBILLE, Claire – Mrs. 

claire.sibille at culture.gouv.fr <mailto:claire.sibille at culture.gouv.fr>  

ISO TC 046/SC 11

Liaison  representative (secretary)     (6-e)

Simai, Agnes - Ms. 

 <mailto:agnes.simai at standards.org.au> agnes.simai at standards.org.au 


I mention it because you can see that JOHN GARRETT is and has been CCSDS and ISO TC20/SC13 liaison 

to ISO TC046/SC11 Subcommittee and that, in counterpart, Mrs./Ms. AGNES SIMAI is and, also, has been 

the liaison counterpart for the corresponding (TC46/SC11) Subcommittee.


In view of what I have just mentioned, I would like to propose to your consideration that the prospective 

liaison as being proposed by Nestor Peccia, in this case, related to ISO’s CASCO (Committee on 

Conformity Assessment) may also be shared by ISO TC20/SC13 Subcommittee, naturally, related to the 

same person, JOHN GARRETT, in our side. I understand from Nestor Peccia’s request to CMC that, so far, 

no explicitly name is being proposed, for acting as the liaison, from CASCO side.   


With my kind regards,


Ch. ISO TC20/SC13  



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Subject: [CMC] CCSDS LIaison with CASCO


Dear CMC members, 

The MOIMS AD has requested the CESG Chair to ask  the CMC to set up a liaison with ISO’s CASCO (Committee on Conformity Assessment). 

Considering that such liaison is well justified and that CCSDS also has a candidate (Mr, John Garrett) for this interface, I would appreciate if the CMC can initiate the appropriate actions to approve it. 

It should be noted that 

*	John is currently the CCSDS contact for the CCSDS’s liaison with ISO TC46/SC11 which is Information and Documentation – Archives/Records Management group.  It has been useful for the DAI WG to exchange documents with that group 
*	CCSDS shall remain in conformance with any ISO CASCO requirements when the DAI WG works in the update of current standards (BBs and MBs).  
*	ISO CASCO was the source of comments from ISO when the DAI WG created the original version of its current approved standards. 
*	it would be beneficial for the DAI WG to exchange documents with the CASCO group. 


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