[CMC] [CMC CCSDS] Fall meeting preparation

Asmar, Sami W (US 9110) sami.w.asmar at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 14 18:27:13 UTC 2021

Thank you Sylvain,

We will initiate a poll and also discuss with the CMC this week since we are having our Spring meeting starting tomorrow, online.


From: Teodomante Sylvain <Sylvain.Teodomante at cnes.fr>
Date: Monday, June 14, 2021 at 9:36 AM
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [CMC CCSDS] Fall meeting preparation

Dear CMC members,

I am addressing you as the host of the Fall 2021 Tech Plenary & CESG & CMC meetings. Given the current situation, to guarantee the availability of the premises, I need to know the CMC's formal position on holding these meetings face-to-face by 15 July.

In order to facilitate the decision making process, I ask for a poll to be opened at CMC level so that each agency representative can answer the following question : “Does your agency's current travel policy allow its members to come to the Fall 2021 Tech Plenary & CESG & CMC meetings scheduled for 18-28 October in Toulouse (France)? “
Of course, I leave it to you to improve the English wording. The poll close could be the 9th of July.

Thank you for your understanding, and have no doubt that I hope to meet you in person for the first time this Fall.

Best regards

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Head of Quality Division

Digital Solution, Ground Segment and Operations

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