[CMC] CCSDS: Retirement of SLS Area Director: Gian Paolo Calzolari

Asmar, Sami W (US 9110) sami.w.asmar at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Apr 26 18:46:37 UTC 2021

Thank you.   Michael and I will send a formal message to the CMC requesting nominations for the SLS AD as a result of Gian Paolo’s retirement.

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [CMC] CCSDS: Retirement of SLS Area Director: Gian Paolo Calzolari

Dear Sami,

This is to announce the retirement of the SLS Area Director, Gian Paolo Calzolari, see attached email.

This is therefore to ask for the request for nomination for this post by the CMC.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


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Date:        22/04/2021 17:43
Subject:        Last meeting

Dear Klaus-Juergen,
        I shall inform you that - as I am going to retire from ESA in Summer 2021 - the CCSDS Spring Meeting 2021 will be my last one.
I am going to ensure my support till the Joint CMC-CESG Meeting included, however before Fall 2021 Meeting a new SLS Area Director shall be in charge.

In your quality of CESG Chair you may want to start wit CMC the process for nominations such that a smooth transition can be ensured and a the new SLS AD can possibly take up duties on 1st July 2021.

Best regards

Gian Paolo

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