[CMC] [Ccsds-omg-liaison] Vocabularies, Glossaries, or Ontologies for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain RFI available

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Fri Feb 17 13:45:55 UTC 2017

Dear CMC members

Please find  below  for your awareness the different exchange of info 
between CCSDS and OMG on the new OMG RFI "Vocabularies, Glossaries, or 
Ontologies for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain RFI available"
Mail of the CCSDS liaison (M. Merri, MOIMS AD) to OMG liaison to CCSDS 
(Jon Siegel)
Response from OMG to CCSDS

There were, afterwards, several mails between the CESG members (from which 
you saw some in my previous mail). As a consequence I, as CESG Chair, have 
included the discussion in our next CESG webex. (March 2017)

Why ? Because submitting a RFI to OMG has pro and cons, and this has to be 
reflected before reaching consensus. The XTCE experience showed many 
advantages and many disadvantages to have an OMG standard rubberstamped by 

I am a true believer that the submission of such RFI to OMG deserves 
approval polls at CESG and CMC level.

From:   "Jon Siegel" <siegel at omg.org>
To:     Mario.Merri at esa.int
Cc:     Nestor.Peccia at esa.int, peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Date:   19/01/2017 22:54
Subject:        Re: [Ccsds-omg-liaison] Vocabularies, Glossaries, or 
Ontologies for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain RFI available
Hi Mario and everyone  -- 
Of course I remember you, and all of the others who hosted me so 
graciously some years back when we established our liaison relationship! 
I'm pleased to hear that CCSDS is interested in our Space DTF work on 
Vocabularies, Glossaries, or Ontologies for Spacecraft Ground Systems. Of 
course I agree that your input and participation would be extremely 
valuable - essential, even. However, I would not rule out your 
contributing as an RFI response because that is such an effective way of 
placing your intentions and details into the Space DTF queue. Do not 
assume that all entries in the queue are considered equally; your status 
as a Liaison partner would carry through as well. 
However, I would like to take one more step before making a final 
recommendation to you, and that is to consult with the Space DTF chairs - 
Brad Kizzort and (recently elected) Luis Rodriguez. I will start by 
sending them a private note but plan to open up our conversation by 
putting you and them in direct contact in the next round. 
Thank you so much for contacting OMG. I'm looking forward to carrying this 
work to its next stage. 
Best regards to you all  -- 
Jon Siegel
Dr. Jon Siegel
Vice President, Technology Transfer and Director, Certification
Object Management Group

109 Highland Ave. 
Needham, MA 02494  USA
From:   Mario Merri/esoc/ESA
To:     Jon Siegel <siegel at omg.org>
Cc:     Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA at ESA, peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Date:   11/01/2017 18:27
Subject:        [Ccsds-omg-liaison] Vocabularies, Glossaries, or 
Ontologies for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain RFI available

Dear Jon,
Happy new year!
You may know/remember that you and I are the liaisons between OMG and 
CCSDS, respectively. Indeed we did not have many interactions lately, but 
the RFI below requires some attention from us.
In fact, the CCSDS has already done significant work on the glossary as 
you can verify at the CCSDS Space Assigned Number Authority(SANA) Registry 
under http://sanaregistry.org/r/glossary/glossary.html. Please note that 
most of these definitions are from published international standards and 
that many are from ISO standards.
Admittedly, our glossary requires some work to make it truly well formed 
and consistent, but it does include most of the terms that CCSDS has 
defined and used since years. Because of this we think that it provides a 
solid baseline that could potentially be considered as the baseline also 
by the OMG SDTF. We are clearly ready to add to the CCSDS glossary 
additional missing terms from the OMG SDTF, provided that they are 
consistent with the rest of the glossary and the CCSDS books.
Since our organisations have established a liaison relationship, I would 
not think that a CCSDS response to the RFI is the proper way forward. I 
would appreciate to hear your opinion on the above and how do you suggest 
to proceed. 
Best regards,
From:   "Juergen Boldt" <juergen at omg.org>
To:     "Recipient list suppressed" :;
Date:   15/12/2016 17:41
Subject:        [Ccsds-omg-liaison] Vocabularies, Glossaries, or 
Ontologies for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain RFI available
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the Vocabularies, Glossaries, or Ontologies for the Spacecraft Ground 
Systems Domain RFI issued at the recent Coronado TC meeting is now 
available with the document number space/2016-12-01 at

The RFI's work in progress page is located at


RFI responses are due February 27, 2017

Best reegards,

The Object Management Group's Space Domain Task Force (OMG SDTF) is 
seeking to normalize the terminology used within the spacecraft ground 
systems domain. We are seeking information on existing or emerging 
dictionaries, glossaries, or ontologies in this domain. Additionally, the 
SDTF is interested in hearing from organizations that might be interested 
in this topic. The SDTF will use these responses to either adopt an 
existing reference or recommend the development of a new consolidated 


RFI Issued 
December 9, 2016

Relevant documents: 
space/16-12-01 (Vocabularies, Glossaries, or Ontologies for the Spacecraft 
Ground Systems Domain RFI)
RFI Response Deadline 
February 27, 2017

RFI Response List:

February 16, 2017

Relevant documents: 
space/17-02-03 (Termologic response to the Vocab., Glossaries, or 
Ontologies RFI)
space/17-02-02 (Termologic response to the Vocab., Glossaries, or 
Ontologies RFI - Cover letter)

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