[CMC] Goodbye Peter, Hello Chris

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Bonjour Peter and Chris,

I may be last from the CMC to respond and to say how much we will miss you Peter and also a warm welcome to Chris.

In fact I did that on purpose as I thought you may need some time for your recovery after the drama last week in England.
I hope you like rugby Chris ! … we may have interesting discussions, except when France will lose, which sometimes happen…

More seriously, it has been great to work with you Peter ; I hope we meet again some day. I have always been impressed by your dedication to CCSDS and your wise advices to the CMC. Your experience will be difficult to replace.
A real challenge for you Chris, but of course we will support you in this endeavor. Welcome onboard.

Best regards

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I would like to introduce Chris Perry to you as the person who will be taking over from me as the UK representative on the CCSDS management council and ISO TC20/SC13.

Chris has many years of experience of space-related data, primarily in the area of space plasmas.

I have explained the duties of being on the CMC to Chris and given him a quick tour of the CWE. What I failed to tell him was what a fine bunch of people you are and that we have some exciting meals out (I am thinking of the last meeting in Nagano, but there have been plenty of others.)

I am sorry to be leaving CCSDS. I have been involved since 1999 and it has been a fun time. Unfortunately I can’t even come to the next meeting in Darmstadt to help ease Chris into the role since it collides with another meeting in the USA that I need to attend.

Best wishes to all for the future.

Peter Allan

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