[CMC] Goodbye Peter, Hello Chris

peter.allan at stfc.ac.uk peter.allan at stfc.ac.uk
Fri Oct 2 08:57:11 UTC 2015

Thanks Eduardo. I have enjoyed working with you and all of the CCSDS team over the years. Chris will indeed be replacing me on the SC13 meetings, although he was unsure if he had a conflict for the meetings in November.



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Subject: Re: [CMC] Goodbye Peter, Hello Chris

Dear Peter,

Permit me to express my feelings. Chris Peerry is certainly welome to CMC/CCSDS but
I must also say that we will be missing you after so many years of remarkable work you
have been doing with CCSDS and ISO TC20/SC13. We know that you did extensive work
to provide CCSDS with the best possible from UKSA along the years you have been acting
in your role.

Incidentally, if the case, permit me to suggest that Chris Perry may also be attending the
coming SC13 meetings on behalf of BSI.

Hope to meet you in some opportunity in the future.

With my best wishes for you, Peter, in all your coming endeavours. Sincerely,
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Subject: [CMC] Goodbye Peter, Hello Chris


I would like to introduce Chris Perry to you as the person who will be taking over from me as the UK representative on the CCSDS management council and ISO TC20/SC13.

Chris has many years of experience of space-related data, primarily in the area of space plasmas.

I have explained the duties of being on the CMC to Chris and given him a quick tour of the CWE. What I failed to tell him was what a fine bunch of people you are and that we have some exciting meals out (I am thinking of the last meeting in Nagano, but there have been plenty of others.)

I am sorry to be leaving CCSDS. I have been involved since 1999 and it has been a fun time. Unfortunately I can’t even come to the next meeting in Darmstadt to help ease Chris into the role since it collides with another meeting in the USA that I need to attend.

Best wishes to all for the future.

Peter Allan

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