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I have been informed that the issues are related to the CESG poll conditions and not the CMC poll conditions.

Also, I have CCed the CESG on this response.  The initial e-mail included CESG-EXEC, which is not a valid e-mail address.



On Jul 5, 2015, at 10:11 AM, Mario.Merri at esa.int<mailto:Mario.Merri at esa.int> wrote:

Dear Nick,

I did provide the resolutions of all raised conditions to Brian on 15Jun. I
will provide evidence of this in my next email.



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Date:       03/07/2015 22:33
Subject:    Re: [CMC] CMC Poll: CMC-P-2015-05-003 Creation the MOIMS Mission
           Planning and Scheduling WG

The conditions have been solved
Will compile the conditions and distribute them


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On 03.07.2015, at 21:47, Nick Tongson <NickT at aiaa.org<mailto:NickT at aiaa.org>> wrote:

     Dear CMC Members:

     After reviewing the recently closed CMC polls, the Secretariat noted
     that one of the CMC polls was issued prematurely and is null and void:
     CMC-P-2015-05-003 Creation the MOIMS Mission Planning and Scheduling WG
     . Conditions for the CESG poll (CESG-P-2015-04-001 Creation the MOIMS
     Mission Planning and Scheduling WG) need to be resolved appropriately
     based on the CCSDS procedures before a CMC poll is initiated (result of
     CESG poll excerpted below for reference). We apologize that the
     Secretariat did not catch this earlier.

     The specific procedures that must be followed are:           Conditional Approval
     In the case of conditional approval,
     a)      the party responsible for the subject of the poll, e.g., a WG
     chair or someone delegated by the WG chair (e.g., a technical editor),
     shall act as rapporteur to address the conditions;
     b)      within 60 days of poll closure, the rapporteur shall report
     dispositions of all approval conditions to the Secretariat and, in the
     case of a document approval poll, deliver an updated version of the
     document reflecting disposition of the approval conditions;
     c)       upon receipt of the rapporteur’s report, the Secretariat shall
     communicate the disposition of the approval conditions to the voting
     d)      within 30 days of receipt of the dispositions, the individual
     (s) who voted for conditional approval shall, via e-mail to the
     Secretariat, indicate acceptance, acceptance with modification, or
     rejection of the dispositions;
     e)      if no response is received within 30 days of the Secretariat’s
     distribution of dispositions, acceptance shall be assumed;
     f)       the Secretariat shall report the result to the voting body;
     g)      if the dispositions are accepted, the Secretariat shall
     undertake the action implied by the objective of the poll;
     h)      if the dispositions are accepted with modification, the
     Secretariat shall assure that modified dispositions are implemented and
     undertake the action implied by the objective of the poll;
     i)        if the dispositions are rejected in whole or in part, the
     poll shall be deemed to have resulted in disapproval.

     Therefore, in accordance with the CCSDS procedures, the following steps
     must be completed before a new CMC poll on this subject is re-issued:

     -          a report of the disposition of the conditions (to the
     -          the individual who voted for conditional approval shall have
     30 days to indicate acceptance, acceptance with modification, or
     rejection of the dispositions

     A new CMC poll can then be initiated if the individual who voted for
     conditional approval agrees with the way forward or lets 30 days pass
     without responding.

     CESG E-Poll Identifier: CESG-P-2015-04-001 Creation the MOIMS Mission
     Planning and Scheduling WG

     Results of CESG poll beginning 09 April 2015 and ending 23 April 2015:

     Abstain:  0 (0%)
     Approve Unconditionally:  7 (87.5%) (Barkley, Merri, Behal, de Cola,
     Calzolari, Suess, Barton)
     Approve with Conditions:  1 (12.5%) (Shames)
     Disapprove with Comment:  0 (0%)

     Barkley - A comment: the goals section of the charter ends mid-sentence
     as presented for the poll.  My assumption is that the goals, to be
     consistent with the stated scoping of "...The submission of Planning
     Requests (input to Mission Planning) • The distribution of
     Plans/Schedules (output of Mission Planning)..." will include blue
     books specifications for these two items.

     Shames - I have two concerns about this WG, as stated in the charter
     and white paper:
     1) The focus in most of these materials seems to be on SM&C and how it
     can solve the problem, rather than on Mission Planning and a clear
     presentation of what they need.  This is both "cart before the horse"
     and looks like an overly tight binding that may be detrimental to the
     overall usability of the resulting standards.
     2) The WG leadership is exclusively Euro-centric.  Since there does
     appear to be a significant North American interest in this it would be
     sensible to broaden the coverage to recognize that.

     Total Respondents: 8

     No response was received from the following Area(s):

     PROPOSED SECRETARIAT ACTION:  Once Conditions are met start CMC Poll



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