[CESG] FW: CCSDS input to Vocabularies, Glossaries for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 1 01:45:17 UTC 2017

Nestor & Mario,

In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted you to be aware that I sent in the attached response to the OMG ontology RFI.  As I said at the outset, I think it is important that the OMG be made aware of the work that we have done, and are doing, in CCSDS.

I was made aware that the window for RFI submissions had closed, but that they were really interested in having the CCSDS input to consider within their process.  I chose to provide them that input instead of standing by silently and missing the opportunity.

If you continue to think this is not acceptable we can treat it as a NASA submission, since NASA is an OMG member.

Regards, Peter

From: Peter Shames <peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov>
Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 5:34 PM
To: "rfi-responses at omg.org" <rfi-responses at omg.org>
Cc: "luis at amergint.com" <luis at amergint.com>, Brad Kizzort <bkizzort at harris.com>, Jon Siegel <siegel at omg.org>, "Steven A. MacLaird" <maclaird at omg.org>
Subject: CCSDS input to Vocabularies, Glossaries for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain

Dear OMG,

As you are aware the CCSDS is an open, consensus-based, international standards organization that develops space standards.  All of these materials are copyright CCSDS, and they are in the public domain, openly and freely published on the web.

The CCSDS Glossary is a compendium of terms that have been formally defined in the various standards that we have published starting in the early 1980's.  As such it is not an ontology, but it does include a very broad range of carefully defined and reviewed terms that cover space communications, from the physical layer up through the applications layers.  The XML version of that is attached.  The source registry is at http://sanaregistry.org/r/terms/terms-a.html.

Since your expressly stated interest is in ground systems & ground stations I am also sending you a CCSDS technical note and related presentation. This was developed by one of our staffers and it describes what are called Functional Resources.  This is the term we use to describe the set of abstract functional entities that perform ground station comm processing for forward, return, and radiometric tracking services.  Given your focus on this subject we think you may find it of interest, along with the related standards that have been developed for cross support and those that are in development for planning, scheduling, configuring and monitoring ground stations.

We understand that the period for RFI submissions has closed, but we think it is important for you to have access to this information for your deliberations.  Just so you are aware, if there is interest in any sort of collaborative ontology effort with CCSDS we will have to arrange that through the existing OMG – CCSDS Liaison route.

Regards, Peter Shames


Peter Shames
CCSDS System Engineering Area Director

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 301-490
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91109 USA

Telephone: +1 818 354-5740,  Fax: +1 818 393-6871

Internet:  Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov

We must recognize the strong and undeniable influence that our language exerts on our ways of thinking and, in fact, delimits the abstract space in which we can formulate - give form to - our thoughts.

Niklaus Wirth

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