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CESG will discuss your proposed changes on the liaison section during our 
next meeting.
I have consolidated all comments received. Perhaps, time permitting, you 
can look at them and produce a new version prior to our venue.

General Comments to proposed addition to section 4.1.4
It is proposed to define two different roles:
 " a CCSDS representative to act as official counterpart to the Liaison 
organization?s point of contact"
"an official representative to serve as Liaison Delegate to the external 
CESG believes that 
it is confusing (e.g how would their relationship be within CCSDS?
a timely co-existence of both representatives for a liaison is not needed
"The Liaison Delegate shall be cognizant of the standardization activities 
of the external organization and, at the discretion of his or her 
respective Agency, may participate in those activities at a level allowed 
by the organization?s liaison procedures and deemed beneficial to the 
CESG believe that this is the currently the case for the 14 existing 
liaisons. We suggest to add anyway the 1st part of the sentence, i.e  "The 
Liaison Delegate shall be cognizant of the standardization activities of 
the external organization "
The 2nd part of the sentence ( i.e. ... at the discretion of ... Agency 
...) should not be considered. An Agency when approving one of its staff 
as liaison, is committing to support her / him in that role
CESG suggest to have only one liaison PoC but with 2 levels of 
active (i.e active participation in working meetings of the other 
organization. IOAG is a clear example of this level. OMG liaison shall 
also be active)
passive (i.e. observing / monitoring. CASCO is a clear example of this 
CESG suggest to add some text clarifying the procedure to follow when the 
liaison detects duplications and / or contradictions across the two 
CESG fully supports
a bi-annual nomination (potentially renewable), proposed by the CESG and 
authorised by the CMC
a semi-annual report (Spring and Fall meetings) of the CESG to the CMC

Comments to proposed addition to section 4.2
Both liaison PoC shall be included in the web site. We have currently only 
1 name.

Comments to current section
Section to be updated pointing to section 4,.1.4

Comments to current Section 4.1.4 
" Liaison organizations are those governmental or private activities ..."  
  Does this text cover the current liaisons with IOAG and ECSS ? Is IOAG a 
governmental organization? Is the word activity correct ?
" Liaison status is open to non-commercial  ..."   Is " status" text 
correct ? Do we need to have the " non commercial" text ? Is OMG 
non-commercial, when charging a fee to every member ?
Suggestion to add after 2nd sentence. "The purpose of creating a liaison 
is to ensure that their work in the standards world is not competitive, 
but rather is complementary and cooperative . This is achieved by 
reciprocally exchange information regarding current and future 
standardization activities" . Editorial mistakes in Section 
shall be updated (i.e. " insure" , " complimentary" ).
" Liaison organizations receive  ..."  Add " from CCSDS Secretariat" 
"... submit comments or initiate Review Item Dispositions (RIDs)" : Either 
we add a sentence clarifying that if the liaison send comments and not 
RIDs, the CCSDS Secretariat will convert them into RIDs  or we delete the 
word comments, imposing the liaisons to send only RIDs" 
Text seems to be rather uni-directional (e.g. from CCSDS to the other 
organization). CESG suggests to add text wrt the obligation of both 
organizations to exchange, Plans, resolutions, decisions,  RIDs, etc.
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