[CESG] Update Org&Procs/ICS books per CESG discussion

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Tue Nov 12 15:59:45 EST 2013


I am surprised receiving  suggestions about timely agreement. All these 
issues of "consensus and abstain" is a consequence of your lack of 
compliance with the schedule agreed in the CESG  to have a YB version for 
the CMC on 15th Nov 2013.

It is not acceptable for me to fix  a time to achieve an agreement on 
consensus and abstain

Why ?

If we need to consider simple majority as one of the consensus statuses, I 
want to discuss other items that could be related with this
CESG chairs veto, 
AD / DAD veto for WG decisions
maximum number of ADs from one Agency not exceeding a limit (<= 2 or 3 ??) 
within CESG
Representativeness of all member Agencies across Areas and WGs
Agency minority rights
This will take some time, believe me; because consensus needs also to be 
discussed at WG level. Otherwise the troops will think that we are "Prima 
Donnas" and not only simple ADs

In a nutshell, my opinion is
Either Option B as is, or Option A with an open ended schedule

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