[CESG] Update Org&Procs/ICS books per CESG discussion

Thomas Gannett tomg at aiaa.org
Tue Nov 12 15:11:19 EST 2013


We are in an initial review phase, which is to say that additional 
CESG reviews may need to happen, depending on the outcome of the CMC 
review, and actual approval polling is somewhere down the road. 
Allowing the current version to proceed to CMC review would not in 
itself preclude reaching consensus on the meaning of consensus before 
the next issue is finalized, even if the lack of a consensus 
definition for consensus does (but whether we can all agree on that 
is open to debate).


At 02:32 PM 11/12/2013, Shames, Peter M (312G) wrote:
>Option B would be acceptable if we also agree that we will have a 
>very timely discussion of this concensus issue.  It would not be 
>acceptable to me if we were to put it off for another year or two.
>If that is acceptable to you, and the others on the CESG, I am ok 
>with sending it to the CMC.  Otherwise I would ask that we wait 
>until we have consensus on this concensus topic.  In my opinion it 
>is just too important to be dismissed or delayed.
>Best regards, Peter
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>Subject: Re: [CESG] Update Org&Procs/ICS books per CESG discussion
>I have suggested initially 2 options
>Option A: put on hold, discuss, agree and send to CMC for further review
>Option B: phase approach, go now to CMC for review and introduce 
>other changes in the next review
>I am open to both options, with a preference for B; but
>Let's hold the YB distribution to the CMC until we agree on 
>consensus, abstain, etc. Therefore all changes agreed during the 
>CESG meeting will not be effective for the time being (e.g. new ICS YB)
>I will put this item in the agenda for the next webex on 18th Dec 2013
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