[CESG] Interoperability testing

Stuart Fowell Stuart.Fowell at scisys.co.uk
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The SOIS APP-WG (not ASS please!!!) has not discussed Space Data Link
Security as we don't believe it's involved. The MOIMS/SOIS/SIS
architecture put together last year involves the SOIS Subnetwork Packet
Service to transfer Space Packets across a spacecraft bus to/from TM/TC
equipment, but none of the SOIS Application Support Services. The only
ones vaguely relevant are the Downlink function of the Packet Store
Management Service (but this is initiated from onboard) and MTS, which
is a profile of AMS for onboard application-to-application message



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Chris: the CMC asking questions about interoperability testing for the
new Space Data Link Security book, where the end-end path must be
validated -- and that path includes the SOIS systems. CNES has allocated
resources to end-end testing but no other Agency has signed up, which
means that CNES may lose those resources. Has the ASS-WG discussed this


This same issue appears to be endemic in several other ongoing CCSDS
books that are under development.



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