[CESG] Interoperability testing

Chris.Taylor at esa.int Chris.Taylor at esa.int
Wed Dec 12 04:31:14 EST 2012

Dear all,

to answer the original question of Adrian, we have contracts in place for the
spacelink security testing we are developing the required cryptographic
processors for the flight segment (platform and payload). Due to the fact
that security is involved, these contracts are quite complex and there have
been some delays. However, we can expect to have real hardware available by
the end of 2013 which can be used for validating the specification. We need
to coordinate the way this hardware is deployed with CNES and ESOC such that
we can establish a the test configurations and a test plan. I've also
understood that there are minor changes required to the TC uplink  header and
this will may require modifications to our existing ground equipment.

I've spoken with Igancio Aguliar ( our lead in the CCSDS security WG) and he
informs me that there are ongoing discussions with Gilles Moury so he maybe
able to shed more light on the subject. I have asked that we hold a meeting
with all parties involved (ESTEC/ESOC/CNES  +?) in January to establish a
road map and plan for testing based on the various activities already in

I can therefore commit to providing an implementation at ESTEC but the
time-frame is most likely to be the end of 2013.

I hope this gives sufficient visibility to close the action.


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Chris: the CMC asking questions about interoperability testing for the  new
Space Data Link Security book, where the end-end path must be validated --
and that path includes the SOIS systems. CNES has allocated resources to
end-end testing but no other Agency has signed up, which means that CNES may
lose those resources. Has the ASS-WG discussed this issue?

This same issue appears to be endemic in several other ongoing CCSDS books
that are under development.


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