[CESG] PICS text in A02.1-Y-2.1d

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Thu Jul 28 12:17:07 EDT 2011


Peter will prepare some material for discussion at the next CESG on ICS 
for info objects, service, code, modulation and compression specs. It 
could be that a PICS is not appropriate, and an ICS is a better solution.

I believe CMC shall first solve the mess on the last poll, and not open a 
new poll

CMC attached to the poll an inadequate YB document, specifying that PICS 
were mandatory for every BB

Peter reacted to the ESA vote by producing an updated YB doc specifying 
PICS as mandatory for communication protocols and suggesting that the 
decision on info objects, service, etc. specs is deferred. I suggested 2 
minor clarifications to that YB, such that is fine for publication.

You and Adrian are now suggesting to give the opportunity to any WG (if 
wished) to produce a PICS for a BB. There is no doc showing that and 
contradicts my 2 last sentences.

wrt to XTCE 

XTCE potential PICS has also problems with the OMG standard. Do not forget 
that CCSDS rubberstamped the OMG standard. We can not add now a PICS as 
Annex to the BB. The MB solution was also not appealing.


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