[CESG] PICS text in A02.1-Y-2.1d

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Thu Jul 28 11:36:22 EDT 2011


The CESG discussions during last meeting were not favouring the use of 
PICS for XTCE. It was very complicated and cumbersome (and more than 100 
pages long)

In addition the approach with the XTCE books presented by MOIMS was 

CESG only approved the use of PICS for comms protocols

CMC (Secretariat and Chair) authorised (after the Berlin meeting) to issue 
a poll with a Procedures YB containing many inconsistencies wrt PICS (and 
misaligned with Peter Shames' RIDs discussed / agreed at the last CESG 
The attached poll doc practically required PICS for every BB, 

This is why ESA approved with conditions.

I suggest that somebody updates the YB according to the conditions set at 
the poll, and we then discuss. Otherwise this is going towards a 

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