[CESG] PICS text in A02.1-Y-2.1d

Hooke, Adrian J (9000) adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jul 28 10:32:53 EDT 2011

Ø  Blue Books defining communications protocols must include a Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma as a normative annex

Nestor: I don't understand what this means. By this definition XTCE is a communications protocol, right, because it communicates information between systems?

The point is that if we have a document that normatively specifies the exact rules which must be followed so that two systems can exchange information (including options), then we need a PICS proforma in the document which tersely summarizes the core requirements and the options. Filling out the proforma (i.e., checking the boxes that certify that an implementation meets the core and option requirements) is the job of the two or more implementing organizations who are attempting to interoperate. Trying to corral PICS so that they only apply to SLS and SIS doesn't make sense.

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