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Jon Siegel siegel at omg.org
Wed Feb 16 13:12:47 EST 2005

Hi Adrian and everyone  --

Thank you for the invitation, and I will plan to attend in the morning (I 
have to give a tutorial all afternoon). But, the things you bring up are 
properly in the scope of the chairs and other Space DTF members and not OMG 
staff. I've added the chairs to the addressee list. Adrian, is it possible 
for you to invite them to the Mgmt Council meeting too?


Jon S.

At 12:55 PM 2/16/2005, Adrian J. Hooke wrote:
>Please find the attached set of minutes from the recent OMG Space Domain 
>Task Force (SDTF) meeting in Burlingame, California. Note that the 
>attachment that refers to the "Wednesday morning" meeting appears to have 
>gone AWOL.
>Now that we have gotten the CCSDS formal review of XTCE underway, I would 
>like to start a discussion on this list about future mechanisms for better 
>synchronizing the work of CCSDS and the SDTF. There are some items 
>mentioned in this set of minutes that could be interpreted as still not 
>being very "consultative" (and the one about the MOIMS approach being 
>"years away" might be interpreted as being dismissive).
>At some point, it seems to me, we need to establish some clear evaluation 
>criteria for whether we initiate and pursue work within the OMG or within 
>CCSDS. New work proposals - originating on both sides of the fence - 
>should then be cooperatively evaluated to see where they will be most 
>effectively executed. So far, the following top-level differences in 
>operating approach have been alluded-to:
>1. OMG is an industry-driven organization that views standardization as a 
>way to get compatible commercial products to market in a short period of 
>time, using current technology. CCSDS is a mission and Agency-driven 
>organization that looks ahead at prospective requirements and views 
>standardization as a technology development and technology infusion 
>activity that has has a medium-term gestation time.
>2. OMG nowadays is all about standardizing APIs, with very little ongoing 
>work on wire protocols. CCSDS is all about  standardizing wire protocols 
>to achieve interoperability, with little if any attempt to standardize APIs.
>Are those differences - one managerial, one technical - correct? Are there 
>other major differences? If we understand the differences, then perhaps we 
>can find a way to ensure that our future activities are fully 
>complementary. So over the next 6-weeks, I'd like to use this discussion 
>list to see whether we can come up with a set of clear evaluation criteria 
>and a proposed technical coordination mechanism that we can lay-out on 
>paper and present to OMG and CCSDS management for their joint agreement in 
>Jon: note that the CCSDS Management Council will meet on Tuesday 12 April 
>in Athens. I will add this topic to their agenda and I hope that you will 
>be able to attend this session.
>Best regards
>>Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 10:36:58 -0500
>>From: Juergen Boldt <juergen at omg.org>
>>Subject: Space DTF Burlingame meeting minutes available
>>The Space DTF Burlingame meeting minutes are now available on the OMG 
>>server with the document number space/2005-02-02 at URL
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