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FROM:      Chairman, CCSDS Management Council
                General Secretary, ISO/TC20/SC13

SUBJECT: New support contractor for the CCSDS/SC13 Secretariat

I am pleased to announce that NASA has contracted with the American
Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) to designate AIAA as the
Secretariat support organization for CCSDS and SC13. Through this
arrangement, AIAA will provide standardization management and
administration, Web site development, and promotional services for CCSDS
and SC13.

The new support contract has been issued through Mr. Mike Kearney, who is
the Data Standards Manager at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

The AIAA Vice President for Standards, Mr. Amr ElSawy, notes that "AIAA is
excited to provide secretariat support services to the CCSDS organization.
We believe AIAA can help advance the goals of CCSDS and better serve this
important community".

In the near term you should observe no changes in the Secretariat
operations. The AIAA contract manager is Craig Day, who is also heavily
involved in the Secretariat of SC14. Tom Gannett will continue to lead our
document editing and production, Brian Oliver will continue to be our
Webmaster and CWE/Mailman expert, and Neil Dissinger will continue to
provide CMC and SC13 meeting support. Their individual e-mail addresses are

Brian Oliver <briano at aiaa.org>
Tom Gannett <tomg at aiaa.org>
Neil Dissinger <neild at aiaa.org>
Craig Day <craigd at aiaa.org>

You can also contact them all at CCSDS Secretariat
<secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org>.

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank the staff of the outgoing contractor -
Business Technology and Solutions (BTAS), Inc. - for their dedicated
support during the last two years. We particularly wish two departing BTAS
staffmembers - Ms. Penelope Walz and Mr. Marco Bovo - all the very best in
their future endeavors.

Please welcome the new contractor team to the CCSDS community.

Best regards
John D. Kelley

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