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I understand that the TPC  is considering the possibility that the current Track profile may be, to some  extent, as found pertinent, adapted to the actual suite of submission to be accepted to the event. In counterpart, I would understand that, for instance, the SOIS originated contributions may be eventually passive of being possibly framed in one or more Session blocks and, therefore, in one or more Tracks. But, preferably and, in principle, tightenly characterized as possible to the current context which is currently being defined for each of the Tracks. Otherwise, besides the natural selective process work, the TPC may easily face a burden that may prohibitively delay the review process among the TPC members. I believe you understand what I mean. However, I see as a most positive initiative the prospective SOIS related initiative. Certainly, praiseworthy. Not to mention the other standardization areas possible submissions. Properly explored, CCSDS originated themes do have a respectable, solid potential on hot topics for possible submission.

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    One should consider that submissions may have to be framed in more than one track, as part of the natural sorting process. 

  Eduardo: I was suggesting that in view of the unique proximity of key CCSDS personnel, the SpaceOps technical committee might care to introduce a new track - namely, a special session on SOIS interface standardization. Such a "special track" would focus on a "hot topic" and might be of great interest to attendees.

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