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One should consider that submissions may have to be framed in more than one track, as part of the natural sorting process. Therefore, a good acquaintance with the technical premises defined for each of the tracks is certainly advisable as an additional guidance to the author in the process of his own elaboration of the paper to be submitted. Regards, 

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  An integrated session sounds like a good idea to me.  Its easier to understand the overall picture that way instead of lots of smaller papers that one would have to piece together for a clear understanding.  I/TCONS/GSFC could support an integrated session however you/Stuart need.

  At 05:13 AM 11/7/2005 -0800, Adrian J. Hooke wrote:

    At 03:24 AM 11/7/2005, Stuart Fowell wrote:

      ... I'm not sure we can go for a whole suite of presentations (for this conference), but I think we could submit something along the lines of the (still) draft SOIS Green Book, perhaps taking a double presentation slot. How about the following to give a taster for people:
      1. Issues and Rational of standardisation of SOIS
      2. SOIS organisation and WG Charters
      3. SOIS architectural overview
      4. TCOAS services
      5. TCONS services
      6. OBL services
      7. BOFs
      8. Example deployments (to show scalability and flexibility):
          Low cost single instrument LEO satellite
          Large EO science satellite
          Mars robotic mission (lander & rover)
      9. Current state of standardisation
          inc. Red Books status + prototyping efforts
      10. Conclusions

    The subject of spacecraft onboard interface standardization may be interesting enough to organize some kind of tutorial session on this subject, rather than a set of scattered papers.

    I've addressed this to some of the SpaceOps program committee members. What would you folks think about an integrated session?

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