[Sois-tcons] Re: SpaceOps 2006

Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Nov 7 08:13:59 EST 2005

At 03:24 AM 11/7/2005, Stuart Fowell wrote:
>... I'm not sure we can go for a whole suite of presentations (for this 
>conference), but I think we could submit something along the lines of the 
>(still) draft SOIS Green Book, perhaps taking a double presentation slot. 
>How about the following to give a taster for people:
>1. Issues and Rational of standardisation of SOIS
>2. SOIS organisation and WG Charters
>3. SOIS architectural overview
>4. TCOAS services
>5. TCONS services
>6. OBL services
>7. BOFs
>8. Example deployments (to show scalability and flexibility):
>     Low cost single instrument LEO satellite
>     Large EO science satellite
>     Mars robotic mission (lander & rover)
>9. Current state of standardisation
>     inc. Red Books status + prototyping efforts
>10. Conclusions

The subject of spacecraft onboard interface standardization may be 
interesting enough to organize some kind of tutorial session on this 
subject, rather than a set of scattered papers.

I've addressed this to some of the SpaceOps program committee members. What 
would you folks think about an integrated session?

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