[Sois-tcons] QoS discussion board...

Massimiliano.Ciccone at esa.int Massimiliano.Ciccone at esa.int
Mon Jun 20 13:56:07 EDT 2005

Dear all,
this is to inform you that a new topic has been posted on the SOIS private
area of CWE. (http://public.ccsds.org/sites/cwe/sois/Discussions.aspx)
The topic has been named "QoS". This shall contain comments
Please add your contribution to the argument here from now on (open a new
thread under QoS by posting a reply).
You can access this private area with by signing in (upper right corner) with
the CWE User Id ans password that you normally use for accessing your CWE
SOIS Wg private area.

Have fun !



PS: Please remember to add a "DRAFT" watermark to whatever document you post
on the PUBLIC CWE area !

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