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For information, can the working group chair/co-chair check that all
participants of their groups are listed. Also remind the participants to the
ccsds.org site.


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At long last here are the logistic details for the spring meeting in

Area directors should distribute this information to participants in their
working groups and should send me their list of participants (and other
information; see below) as soon as possible.

All of the meetings with the exception of CSS for May 10-14 and SLS for May
13 will be at CSA Headquarters in St-Hubert. We will arrange for buses to
take people from the Omni Hotel (the SpaceOps conference hotel) in downtown
Montreal to CSA in the morning and back at the end of the day. I recommend
that people stay in Montreal since the urban amenities are very limited in
the area around CSA. The bus schedule will be (approximately):

        8h00 depart Omni hotel
        8h30 arrive CSA
        17h00 depart CSA
        18h00 arrive Omni hotel
(The schedule for the CESG meeting will start earlier.)

A map for the Omni Hotel can be found at
        (see attachment also)

For people that would like to drive, a map and directions to CSA can be
found at
        (see attachments also)
The CSA address is
        6767 route de l'Aeroport, St-Hubert Quebec J3Y 8Y9
and the reception desk can be contacted by phone at
        450 926 4800
(e.g., if you get lost and need further directions). Visitors can park
anywhere but there is a small lot directly in front of the building that is
reserved for visitors. CSA Headquarters is a single building and visitors
should enter through the main door.

For access to CSA facilities, people will enter the building at the main
door and visitor badges will be assigned by people at the reception desk.
Picture ID will be required.

******** In order to facilitate passing out visitor badges I will need the
following information for all attendees:
********        Name
********        Agency/organization
********        Address
********        Phone
********        Email address
******** Area directors should send me a list with this information for the
attendees of their meetings.
******** Attendees not on the list will slow down the process of getting
everyone through the reception area.

For meetings at CSA, room assignments will be posted in the conference area.
For the few meetings to be held outside the conference area, people will
need to be escorted to and from their meeting room.

CSS for May 10-14 and both SLS meeting on May 13 will be held at the Omni
Hotel downtown due to the limits on the number of conference rooms at CSA.
Information about the location of the Omni meeting rooms will be obtained at
the hotel reception desk. Information about the specific room assignments
will be posted in the area in front of the meeting rooms.

The attached spreadsheet indicates the space reserved for each meeting
according to the information that the area directors provided. AD's should
verify in the spreadsheet that sufficient space is available for their
meetings. Let me know if there is a problem.

The basic equipment for each meeting room will include:
        pc projector
        overhead projector, blank slides, pens
        flip charts, pens
        wired (or wireless where available) network connections.

People will be on their own for lunch in the CSA cafeteria.

I would be happy to entertain any questions or additional requests.

(See attached file: csa map.jpg)(See attached file: csa directions.doc)(See
attached file: omni map+directions.pdf)(See attached file: space 040503.xls)
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