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Keith L. Scott kscott at mitre.org
Tue May 4 08:39:00 EDT 2004

8AM Pacific, aye.


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Abhijit is right. I think is better to start it at 17:00 (GMT + 1:00). Which
is 8:00 AM pacific time (GMT - 8:00).
Is it ok for all ?

Please confirm it.

Many thanks



                      Abhijit Sengupta

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At 5/3/2004 09:21 AM, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>it seems like the winning preferred day is Friday the 7th of May. (sorry
>I propose to start the telecon at 15:00.

Is that central european time - that is  6am (pacific time) - I wonder if
it can be somewhat delayed like 8am pacific time?

>can you please provide me your phone numbers ?

My number is (818)393-6697.


Abhijit Sengupta

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