[cssm] Updates:- Service Management Common data Entities Book, SMURF Book, SPDF Book, UML Model, XML Schema.

Colin.Haddow at esa.int Colin.Haddow at esa.int
Fri May 6 16:14:59 UTC 2022

Dear all, 
                  I've just uploaded the following updates to CWE;

Service Management Common Data Entities Book:   Updated in line with AD 
comments plus input from SMURF/SPDF prototyping.
SMURF Book                                              Updated in line 
with AD comments plus input from SMURF/SPDF prototyping.
SPDF Book.                                              Updated in line 
with AD comments plus input from SMURF/SPDF prototyping.
UML Model UML model  updated to remove names from associations.
Schema                                          Schema incorporates 
Marcins 902x05 initial draft schemas

Note 1: Changes to UML model are essentially cosmetic and as such do not 
involve any changes to the XML schemas.
Note 2: Changes to the various books are essentially 
editorial/clarifications and as such do not involve any changes to the XML 
Note 3. I've incorporated a draft of Marcins 902x05 Schemas into the 
Schema set. This has no impact on the Schemas for the other books. 
Note 4. The UML model does not currently reflect Marcins 902x05 schemas.

In view of there being no impact on the XML schemas I've treated these as 
"minor" increments from the previous versions.

With respect to the "Conditional" elements in the ICS of the SMURF, I've 
added these where I think they might be useful. Problem with the SMURF is 
if you add these everywhere I strongly believe that it will actually make 
things less clear. I'm of the opinion that the UML model is better (and 
clearer) for expressing these relationships.

Anyway from my point of view these are now pretty much ready to go for 
Agency review.

The updates can be found at the following URLs.

Service Management Common Data Entities Book;   
SMURF Book;                                              
SPDF Book:                                              
UML Model;                                              

Cheers for now,


Dr. Colin R. Haddow,
HSO-GI, European Space Agency,
European Space Operations Centre,
Robert-Bosch-Str 5,
64293 Darmstadt,

Phone; +49 6151 90 2896
Fax;      +49 6151 90 3010
E-Mail;  colin.haddow at esa.int
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