[cssm] SACP Concept paper

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Mon Jan 11 21:21:23 UTC 2021

Marcin and all,
In the finest CCSDS tradition, I used the impending telecon tomorrow to hold a gun to my head to review and respond to Marcin's concept paper. My apologies for not responding sooner, but, you know ... stuff happens.

I think that the text of the concept paper itself is in very good shape - I have just a few comments and suggestions for improvement, which I've included in the attached.

I have a more-detailed proposed reworking of the "concept map" diagram that more closely reflects my view of things, in particular the structure and significance of the stuff derived from the FRM Magenta Book and how it relates to the SACP and SANA registries. I've attached the PowerPoint and JPG versions of the diagram.

Unfortunately, I have a plumbing emergency in my home and I may or may not be able to call into tomorrow's telecon. I will try to do so if at all possible.

Best regards,

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Dear all,

See attached yet another version of the SACP concept. I also tried to change the diagram to that what I thought John would do (okay, without waiting for the input from him, sorry...). But by that chance, I reworked it pretty completely *grin*.

Best regards
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