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Ciocirlan Claudia Claudia.Ciocirlan at cnes.fr
Fri Nov 13 15:43:37 UTC 2020

Dear all,

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We've been discussing with Jean-Michel on the different use cases of the SMURF and we might have one use case for which we are unable to find a response.

In our existing tools we have the possibility to mark a pass as forbidden when requesting for a schedule request. A pass is identified by a station, a spacecraft, an AOS and a LOS. The ground control center has the possibility to compute AOS and LOS for the different passes. This way our planning tool will be able to fulfill all constraints without booking the forbidden pass. The scenario we managed to make was that the scheduling tool plans for a list of passes regarding to the constraints and then if the pass is present, then we need to do a DeleteSrvPkg and  then reschedule again and request for another pass.

Do you have a solution for our use case, a simple one if possible?

Best regards,
Claudia Ciocirlan

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