[cssm] TGFT RID 20 - Bolding of XML Schema type, element, and attribute names

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Fri May 8 18:59:13 UTC 2020

TGFT RID #20 - Bold or not Bold? - recommends that there be a consistency with respect to bolding of the names of XML Schema type, element, and attribute names. At the Spring Workshop the WG decided to consistently bold these items, and I took the action to do so. The attached version of the Red Book includes such changes in section 4 and Annex F.

Please note that these names were originally all bolded in the working drafts of theses sections of the TGFT - the "unbolding" of most of them appears to have occurred somewhere in the process of having the Red Book prepared by the Secretariat. I recommend that when the Blue Book is submitted to the Secretariat it be accompanied by an instruction to leave the bolding as-is section 4 and annex F. In this same vein, I have included in the attached draft a new proposed section 1.6.3 (CONVENTIONS) which reads "The names of XML Schema data types, elements, and attributes appear in bold text."

I also found and corrected a few minor typos. All changes were made with Track Changes on and flagged with comment balloons.

Finally, I also flagged (with a comment balloon) one of the paragraphs that states that the TgftXfduExtensionParameters.xsd file contains the required TgftXfduExtensionType and TgftContentUnitExtensionType, but nowhere is it stated where this TgftXfduExtensionParameters.xsd file can be found. This problem is more extensively described in the email "TGFT RIDs 28 and 41", which I sent to you on Monday, 4 May.

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