[cssm] First draft of Functional Resource Reference Model Magenta Book on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Mon Jan 6 17:17:41 UTC 2020

CSSA colleagues ---

I have posted the first draft of the Functional Resource Reference Model Magenta Book at URL


The first draft Magenta Book (which builds on the content of the previous Functional Resource Reference Model Technical Note) includes some but not all of the changes that I proposed at the Fall 2019 CCSDS Workshop - the remaining proposed changes will be covered in subsequent drafts. The major updates in this draft Magenta Book are:

a)               The Scope of the first issue of the Magenta Book is limited to ESLTs, but potential future expansion to cover other node types is acknowledged;

b)               Updates of the figures in section 2, including a new "big picture" diagram that shows all Functional Resource Sets in relationship to each other (which replaces the previous individual-functional-resource-level big picture): and

c)               Updates the following functional resource definitions:

-- TC PLOP, Synchronization, and Channel Encoding
-- FLF Synchronization, Channel Encoding, and OID Generation
-- FLF Synchronization and Channel Decoding
-- TC MC Multiplexing
-- TC VC Multiplexing
-- AOS MC Multiplexing
-- AOS VC Multiplexing
-- Frame Data Sink
-- Offline Frame Buffer
-- Forward Frame CSTS Provider and
-- Monitored Data CSTS Provider

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