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Hi Erik,

Ok.  So it seems that this one slipped by.  Not sure we need a corrigendum, but maybe we do.  We can create endless Roles, there is no explicit limit on how many, the granularity, nor assigning more than one to any Org unit or sub-unit., but I wonder if a really fine granularity serves anyone?

I think it's a matter of practicality.  As I suggested, I can't really imagine an organization stood up to be a "Schedule Publisher" if they weren't also a "Cross Support Service Provider" or a "Management Service Provider".    I agree that we also have a "Conjunction Data Message Originator", but there are orgs that do that and do not necessarily also do "Flight Dynamics Data Provider".  They could easily be distinct, which is why we created the separate roles.

I agree that it's not a big deal, I just wonder if it serves us and our users?  Would we want separate roles for "F-LSE provider", "TD-CSTS Provider" as opposed to "Cross Support Service Provider", or for "SC Operator" separate from "SC Developer" and "Mission Operations Center"?

Cheers, Peter

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Nope, probably not in today’s environment, but we (CESG) signed off on this. It seemed like a good idea as the time – it’s conceivable that some entity could outsource this function, but in reality not likely.  As I noted, in the future, perhaps there could be some sort of automated service discovery and this might be useful.   In any case, “not in today’s environment”.   Any thoughts on pursuing a corrigendum?

Should we (CESG) take a look at role assignments for the Conjunction Data Message…I believe that is currently a more specific role statement than generalized service provider.  If keeping that as a separate role identification makes sense, we may have more general issue to pursue as to when specific vs generic role statements should be stated in CCSDS standards.


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Do you really need a "Schedule Publisher" role as opposed to a more generalized service provider role?  Would any org that was not also providing services, in some form, ever be a schedule publisher, and is the distinction truly useful in any practical sense?


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Just to finally provide some sort of concurrence, via email/in writing, I think the proposed set of rules is fine.

It could be argued that in fact the schedule publisher role should be deprecated in favor of the two more generic CSSS role you're proposing, but I don’t think it’s worth pursuing at this time.

In some relatively distant future somebody may want to do some sort of service discovery with regard to the sanaregistry and a finer granularity may be of use but I think that is not any kind a pressing need for the foreseeable future – and we may have some new-fangled really cool registry capability in place then that makes this academic.  So, role statements are fine.

Best regards,

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Dear all,
             in response to the discussion of roles in the context of service management I propose the following;

Schedule Publisher - for providers of the simple
CSSS (Provider Cross Support Service System) for providers of planning info, service packages and suchlike (i.e. the responses to requests)
User CSSS (User Cross Support Services System) for submitters of requests

I don't really see any need to go to any finer granularity of roles and the above is inline with existing CCSDS terminology.

Cheers for now,


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