[Smwg] 902x2-w0_20 - Planning Information Formats - Updated draft

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Wed Jan 2 23:27:06 UTC 2019

Hello Colin,

The book generally looks to be in very good shape.  Please find my comments immediately below.

Best regards, and Happy New Year,


1)       Section 1.8, reference 1 is now a silver book; as such, I think this should be removed from the list of references.

2) -- presumably there would be nothing to stop ApertureCelestialBodiesPosition class to be allowed for an aperture on earth. Should be either add a note to indicate that this can be done or should we add some language to insist that this be used only for celestial bodies other than earth?

3)     3.3.2 through 3.3.5 -- perhaps just simply indicate that these event types are not defined at this time. I.e., remove the indication that they will be added a later revision -- certainly that is our plan, but until we actually get these things defined I'm not sure that we can concretely say that they will be in a later revision.

4)     Table 3-30, comment CRH2: yes, the list of occultation types makes sense to me.

5)     B2.2 -- this needs to be a role other than a "SchedulePublisher" -- I'm not sure what that would be but perhaps this could be something like a SpaceLinkPlanner role? The idea is to try to make this generic to all of the planning data types. It's a clunky term -- other suggestions for the naming of the role are certainly welcome.

6)     B2 (SANA considerations): XML Schema is not listed as being registered, but then we have the (new) overall schema organization to consider.  You ask a good question in Annex C about this [comment CRH4].  Taking a look at SANA, we already have a registry for the service management schemas (https://sanaregistry.org/r/service_management_xml_schemas) which is essentially the list of overall schemas.  So I think we can just call out the individual information entity schemas for each book - which, if you agree, means that we would call out the PIF XML schema in the SANA registry in B2.  This kind of gets into CM/organization for prototyping vs a "presentation" view for publication.  I suspect this would be a good conversation to have at or next telecon.

7)     B2.3 - (although this might not be the place for this):  "USER" -- I recall that we had quite a discussion at the Berlin meetings and I did not see that the document has been updated to reflect that - here are my notes from the meeting summary circulated on November 1st:

1.       The term "user" generated a fair amount discussion in the on-than-earth-celestial-body context

a.       Term is has its "traditional" meaning when considered strictly from the point of view of an earth based aperture and planning information with regard to rise/set for that particular aperture

                                                              i.      this is typically understood to be an aperture of the service provider

b.      in the off Earth celestial body context such as Mars coordination, the service provider is not necessarily a traditional TT&C provider

                                                              i.      in reality, it tends to be yet another organization between various spacecraft mission operations centers utilizing common infrastructure

                                                            ii.      in this case the "user" is a spacecraft that serves as a relay for a landed asset on Mars

c.       Agreed that the definition of the term will be addressed in an update to the draft recommendation as being context dependent
             I think maybe a note or something needs to be added to the PIF to clarify the definition of user?  (Or did I miss something?)

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Dear all,
                 I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Planning Information Formats Book to CWE, This contains the updates in line with the discussions and agreements from Berlin.

The Planning Information Formats document can be found at the following URL.

Document:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Blue/Planning%20Information%20Format/White%20Book/Drafts/902x2-w0_20%20-%20Planning%20Information%20Formats.doc

In addition the a consistent set of Schemas and UML Models for the following draft books;

  *   Abstract Event Definition,
  *   Service Management Common Data Entities
  *   Planning Information Formats
  *   Service Management Utilization Request Formats

can be found at the following URLs;

Schema:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Schemas/902%20Schema%2020181214.zip
UML Model:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/UML%20Model/902%20UML%20Model%2020181214.zip

Cheers for now,


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