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John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
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I haven't developed such a tool - in particular a spreadsheet - as you are describing. Given the still-fluid nature of the specific configuration parameters of many of the FRs and the low level of resources (very part time for Wolfgang and me) that have been able to be applied to nailing them down so far, I have been concentrating on (a) getting the "big picture" Config Profile/Svg Agreement concepts  nailed down (a recent example being how the assignment of TCP Sockets to SLE TS and CSTS instances can be accomplished under both the legacy "SICF method" and the newer "dynamic allocation method that are described in 3.4.2 of the Tech Note) and (b) working with Wolfgang to iron out the specific configuration parameters of the FRs for publication in the SANA FR Registry. As an intermediate step, I've included the tables of names of the FR configuration parameters in the Tech Note under each of the FRs, with the actual definitions of those parameters being deferred to the (admittedly still-under-construction) SANA FR Registry.
The closest thing to a "tool" such as you suggest that I have envisioned (at least until now) has been to develop XML schemas for the space link service profiles as the config parameters of their constituent FRs get nailed down. A couple of years ago I did develop preliminary XML schemas for the F-CLTU Space Link Service Profile and the F-CLTU Space Link Service Configuration Profile (partial XML Spy diagrams for which are presented in figures 7-9 and 7-10 of the Tech Note, respectively) and a listing of an example F-CLTU Space Link Service Configuration Profile XML file in of the Tech Note). Please note that the details of these examples need to be updated, but they give the gist of my thinking.
Having said that, the XML schemas themselves are admittedly *not* the most reader-friendly way to convey the parameters, especially for those who are less- (or non-) conversant in XML. So I think that your proposal for something like a spreadsheet representation is a good idea eventually (e.g., by the time that the corresponding Blue Book is published). Once the FR config parameters are nailed down, then the XML schemas can be nailed down as well as the details of any such spreadsheets.
We've got several "entities" in various stages of development that are closely related to functional resources (FR Reference Model Tech Note, Holger's FRM development tool, SANA FR Registry, CP/SA Tech Note, and the planned CP/SA Formats Blue Book), and it's easy to wonder how they all relate to each other. The following diagram represents my take on how they all fit - please (anyone) feel free to comment or express a different opinion. I think that it's mostly self-explanatory bit if anyone is interested we can discuss this at next Tuesday's CSSMWG telecon and/or at the Spring Workshop.
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I have been surveying the technote and I must say it is quite the oeuvre!
For those of use attempting to parse this into some sort of configuration profile book initial outline, I was wondering for all the various service profiles developed if you had something like a spreadsheet that listed the parameters per FR grouping.  For example, one of the groups in the Forward CLTU space link service profile (7.1.1) is fwd401SpaceLinkCarrierXmitFr and in here we have

fwd401CarrierXmitPolarization, etc

And there is, of course, something similar for Telecommand Real-Time Multiplexed space link service profile (7.1.2)

I think it might make digesting this a bit easier if there is some sort of tool like a spreadsheet that had the service profiles indexed by major functional groups and listed the parameters accordingly.  I think that could also help to tease out more about how to structure the eventual service agreement/configuration profile for consumption by "mere mortals" :)

If there is no such tool please note I'm not asking that this be generated only if there is some sort of organizing tool that you might have in the background.

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Subject: [Smwg] Updated Configuration Profile andCWE Service Agreement Tech Note on

CSSMWG colleagues -
I have uploaded the latest update of the Requirements for Simple Configuration Profiles and Service Agreements Tech Note to the CWE at URL:

-          https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Tech%20Note%20Development/Config%20Profile%20Svc%20Agreement%20Tech%20Note/Simplified%20ConfigProfilesAndSvcAgreements_TechNote-v1x3.docx?Web=1
The major pieces of the update are:

-    Updated material in section 4 to be consistent with the W-0.07 (December 2018) version of the SMURF White Book and current concepts for the Service Package Data Format.

-    Additional material in section 4 describing the adaptation of the Configuration Profiles and Service Agreements to support both pre-arranged SICF port allocation vs. dynamic port allocation for SLE and CSTS transfer service instances.

-    Added placeholder sections for USLP Frame-based forward Space Link Service Profiles in section 7.

-    Updated Forward CADU and Forward AOS Frame Space Link Service Profiles in section 7 to include more details on fixed-length data unit sync and channel coding, consistent with the evolution of the Forward Frame Cross Support Transfer Service.

-    Partially updated examples of the use of Configuration Profiles in Service Package Requests in section 8.
Best regards,

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