[Smwg] CSTS procedure instances and service packages

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Do any CSTSes have dynamically spawned procedures, implying on-the-fly procedure instance Ids?  If not, then, yes, this is more of a concern to address in the configuration profile.  But if so, then we might have an issue to address?


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Subject: RE: CSTS procedure instances and service packages

This is something that will be part of the configuration profiles. The Service Package format isn't "aware" of it outside of carrying the inherited configuration profile information when a Service Package Result is in verbose mode.


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Subject: [Smwg] CSTS procedure instances and service packages

Hello Wes,

I am currently reviewing the CSTS concept book prior to publication polling and came across the following sentence in reference to CSTS procedures:

"Different instances of the procedure are distinguished by a 'procedure instance identifier' that is assigned by Service Management and included in all operation invocation headers."

I took a quick look at the service package draft book and I don't think this level of concern has been addressed yet. I think we may have some coordination work to do with regard to how to represent CSTS service instances in service packages. In any case, just a heads up for now.

Best regards,

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