[Smwg] TGFT file naming inconsistency

Ciocirlan Claudia Claudia.Ciocirlan at cnes.fr
Tue Mar 20 06:17:12 UTC 2018


It seems that there is still an inconsistency remaining in the white book concerning the file names. My reference is CCSDS 927.1-W-0.02-JVP-rev2-180129.

In the example in Annex E, the XFDU package file is named dss_25_validated_tdm_xfdu_package.zip-2017-058T23-15-46Z.

According to section, the "original package name part" is then dss_25_validated_tdm_xfdu_package.zip, excluding the hyphen and the timestamp part.

  *   Note that the "original package name part" includes the file_type suffix .zip, as it is confirmed in section

In the example again the data file (TDM file) is named dss_25_validated_tdm-201702-27T19-35-24Z.xml.

According to section, the href describing this data file should be: “file:”+<XFDU Package original package name part> + ”/” + <payload file name (with extension)>, that is file:dss_25_validated_tdm_xfdu_package.zip/dss_25_validated_tdm-201702-27T19-35-24Z.xml

However it is set to file:dss_25_validated_tdm_xfdu_package/dss_25_validated_tdm-2017-058T19-35-24Z.xml.

  *   the .zip part has been removed, which is natural but not conform to the specification.
  *   the timestamp part of the data file differs from what was stated before

There is also another error in the expanded manifest below (table E-1), where the href is set to file:dss_25_validated_tdm_xfdu_package-2017-058T23-15-46Z/dss_25_validated_tdm-2017-02-27T19-35-24Z.

What is the correct way to use it ? I am sorry I haven’t noticed this before.


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