[Smwg] Updated Simplified Configuration Profile and Service Agreement Tech Note on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Fri Mar 2 13:47:56 UTC 2018

Dear CSSMWG Colleagues,
I have uploaded the most recent draft (V1.1) of the  Simplified Configuration Profile and Service Agreement Tech Note
To the CWE at URL:

The focus of the updates are in sections 6 - 8. Section 6 establishes the overall framework and metamodels for the definition of Space Link Service Profile Templates, and how those Space Link Service Profile Templates are used to create (a) single-service Space Link Service Configuration Profile Templates and (b) multi-service Configuration Profiles. The single-service Space Link Configuration Profile Templates are intended to be the "cookie cutters" - schemas that need just a little bit of extra information to create Mission-specific operational configuration profiles. Due to the number of combinatorial possibilities in configuration profiles that contain multiple space link services,  multi-service configuration profiles are almost by definition Mission-unique, and so must be must be built individually by combining the pertinent Space Link Service Profiles.

Section 7 contains the current set of Space Link Service Profiles - that is, the predefined "stacks" of functional resources from aperture to user interface (or data storage for subsequent offline transfer to the user). All Space Link Service Profiles corresponding the IOAG Service Catalog #1 (our "guidance" for what we need to be tackling in the first round of Service Management) are addressed with at least a diagram of the component Functional Resources. Three of the Profiles - Forward CLTU, Forward Telecommand Real-Time Communication (which covers Forward Space Packet SLE transfer services and Forward Frame CSTSes), and the Return Online Real-Time Communication (which covers RAF, RCF, and ROCF, plus extraction of CLCWs for use on the TC forward links) - are fully elaborated, at least in a strawman sense: UML class diagrams for the Space Link Service Profile Template and the corresponding Space Link Service Configuration Profile Template, tables of configuration parameters for each of the member Functional Resources, and an example instantiation of the Space Link Service Configuration Profile Template.

Section 8 provides examples of how the Forward CLTU and the Return Online Real-Time Communication Space Link Service Profiles and Space Link Service Configuration Profiles can be combined and/or refined in various ways to create service packages that schedule (a) both forward and return comm services, (b) a forward-only (CLTU) comm service, and (c) a return-only comm service with two RAF service instances.

I will not be participating in the March CSSMWG telecon, but I will be prepared to present and discuss this material at the Gaithersburg meeting.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again in April.

Best regards,
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