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John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Mon Jul 30 18:20:54 UTC 2018

CSSMWG and CSTSWG colleagues ---
I have performed another update of the Functional Resources Reference Model Tech Note (v0.14), which has been posted to the CWE at URL

The great majority of the updates involve fleshing out the FRs associated with the Tracking Data CSTS. The TD-CSTS book is almost ready for publication, and until now there has been no real documentation that explains how a production process can be set up to collect the various streams of tracking data and (a) provide them to real time-mode TD-CSTS instances and (b) a TDM Recording Buffer for subsequent retrieval by complete-mode TD-CSTS instances. I believe that the update puts forward a feasible and reasonable approach for doing so. The updated sections are:

1.       TDM Segment Generation FR ( This FR is responsible for collecting the various tracking data measurements and creating the TDM Atomic Segments that the TD-CSTS instances transfer. Because the Tracking Data Message (TDM) Blue Book is mute on how TDMs are formed and the configuration information needed to make it happen (everything is deferred to the "ICD"), I had to devise a process for doing so that fits into our functional resource concepts and model.

2.       The TDM Sink FR has been deleted from the Reference Model. This is consistent with the TD-CSTS book itself, from which the TDM Sink FR has been eliminated. In general, the various "sink" FRs exist in the FR Ref Model to provide some sub-selection capability for what gets stored in the associated data store. This ability to do such sub-selection was driven by the perceived need to be able to store only a subset of telemetry data for RAF due to on-site recording limitations. But in the case of TD-CSTS all of the TDM Segments are supposed to be recorded and so the TDM Sink served no purpose.

3.       The TDM Recording Buffer FR has been defined. There are many possible options for data retention policies - I picked two simple ones, but we can certainly change/ add to them.

4.       Tracking Data CSTS Provider FR. Added the configuration and read-only parameters and events called out in the TD-CSTS book, and added a configuration parameter (tdTrackingDataPathList) used for the purpose of configuring which TDM streams are subscribed to by the TC-CSTS instance.

Beside the TD-related FR expansion, I also modified the introductory material in section 2 to talk about FRs originally being intended to provide an external, cross support view of functionality but that now they are also being envisioned for Agency (Provider CSSS)-internal use also. I note that these two views put different requirements on the SANA FR registry, and that how to accommodate these two views is a topic for discussion.

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