[Smwg] Final dispositions, SSF Red-2 Agency Review

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CSSM Colleagues,

>From our last teleconference (October 17) you may recall that there was further discussion as to the outcome re RID SSF-R2-4 which has to do with the abstract event definition and, by implication after further analysis, the data format definitions common to all of the other data format recommendations in development for cross support service management.  Below is the final disposition to this RID that has been arrived at after a fair amount of discussion between Colin and myself (and the WG) as well as other interested parties such as the system NAV WG Chair, the System Engineering Area Director.  The results of this RID disposition have also been coordinated with the CCSDS Secretariat's Chief Technical Editor with regard to book allocation numbers.

The disposition to this RID reads as follows:

"Accepted in principal. The definition of the abstract event should really be addressed via a mechanism that is not part of this blue book as a) this creates unnecessary dependencies, b) CSSM WG is not expert at maintaining NAVWG related definitions, and c) this definition is not truly utilized in the SSF and has also not been prototyped.   The document submitted with the RID will be the basis of a technote  to properly document this definition and manage inter-working group considerations.  this may eventually become a magenta book.  A similar situation exists with regard to the general service management common type definitions in that they are not just specific to this (SSF) blue book.  A  magenta book  is recommended to properly document these aspects."

The spreadsheet documenting the final dispositions has been uploaded to CWE following the new structuring that went into effect as the result of the San Antonio meetings (i.e., via CWE Private-Beta->Book Production -> Blue -> Schedule of Services -> Red Book -> Agency Review -> Red-2)

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