[Smwg] Updated XFDU in TGFT V0.7 Tech Note on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Mon Oct 23 18:02:25 UTC 2017

CSSMWG colleagues ---
I have updated the XFDU in TGFT Tech Note in response to some recent discussions. The updated version cand be found at URL

As with the recent versions, the Tech Note is packaged as and XFDU Package (zip file) which also contains the associated schema files and an example XML document (the schema files and the example XML document remain unchanged from V0.6).

The changes are summarized as follows:

-          Added a new section (2.3) that lists the metadata items that were identified during the Rome meeting brainstorming session and comments as to whether they are covered by the CCSDS standard XFDU, and describes the extension data types schema that have been added for TGFT XFDUs to cover these and other TGFT metadata not found in the standard XFDU.

-          Expanded the discussion regarding the DataObjectType transformObject element is section

-          Added a NOTE to the specification of the timestamp part of the XFDU Package zip file name in section, recapping Claudia's email comments regarding the semantics of the timestamp and whether it would be better to use an integer index to differentiate between repeated transmissions of the same XFDU Package zip file.

-          Added a Note to Annex A stating that the metadata extension parameters currently in the data types are draft, subject to review, replacement, and/or augmentation,

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