[Smwg] Posting to the CSS-SM CWE workspace

Tuttle, Karen L. (GRC-MSI0) karen.l.tuttle at nasa.gov
Wed May 10 14:51:12 UTC 2017

Dear CSS-SM Colleagues,

The CSS SM working group CWE Private work space will be reorganized over a period of time. There is a new CWE Private directory called CWE Private – Beta where files will be moved to under a more organized directory structure.

If you need to post new files to the CSS-SM CWE Private directory from here on out, please post it under the new CWE Private – Beta in the appropriate logical folder. Please familiarize yourself with the new location and sub-directories before posting.

I will move files one folder at a time to the new directory structure. If you can’t find a file in the old folder, please go to the new area to find the file you are looking for.

If you have any questions about placing a new file or problems finding a currently posted file, please contact me.

Thank you,
Karen L. Tuttle
NASA Glenn ISS Payload Operations Center, Project & Integration Manager
216 433-5297 (Office)
216 308-6922 (Work Cell)

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