[Smwg] Response to AI 2016-1019-8: Service Catalog Review

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Thanks for taking a look and posting the comments.  A few notes in reply.

Given that a magenta book is a best practices kind of book in CCSDS I tend to agree with you that this recommendation should offer guidance on what is contained in the service catalog versus being a service catalog per se. It is of course likely that there will need to be some examples supplied as to how the practice is applied so some of the material that is in here currently may in fact go into making that up. It will be an interesting discussion to see what the key characteristics of a particular service should be. From my point of view, it seems to me that telemetry service, for example, should indicate everything from frequency bands, modulation and coding schemes supported, minimum and maximum data rates (in relation to receiving antenna gain vs transmitting antenna power), as well as the terrestrial transfer aspects.  Perhaps others on this email list could indicate the kind of things that are important for describing service in their agencies.

Re SANA I think the current state of the SANA registries is one of being in flux.  In particular, I know that the current RF Assets registry is unsatisfactory and lacking in the ability to support real-world operations -- information which the Sites and Apertures registry is supposed to address. In particular, for the simple schedule services this is registry (Sites and Apertures) is cited in the book that is about to be sent to the Secretariat's office. My understanding is that the SANA Operator has put a first draft of the sites and apertures registry together but this is still largely blank pending population with real-world data. My assumption is that proper real-world data will eventually make its way in here and I will be sure to take an interest in seeing that this does happen.

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I have uploaded my comments:

The document is a very early shape. it is hard to really make an opinion at that point.
In its current state, it gives the impression to be a service catalogue rather than a standard on how to establish a service catalogue, I assume this is normal at this stage.

Many reference are made to SANA registry, which is a good idea in principle.
But the poor quality of the actual SANA registry discredit this document.
If the SANA issue is not tackled this document will not be usable (Who as one million $ to pay for the necessary effort ? :( )

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I just reviewed and commented the draft for the Service Catalog:

General observations:
-          The draft book looks like an extension to the IOAG Service Catalog. I do not know yet if it's good or not, definitely some starting point.
-          The most interesting part, the reference to related components (SCCS Resources Used) is missing, which may be will fill the book with "life" in future.
-          Depending on how big the SCCS Resources Used parts will be, maybe it would be worth to consider table form for services?

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