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Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Oct 25 08:29:10 UTC 2016


Thanks very much for taking of the activities/duties of "schema master" for the CSSM WG.  That is very much appreciated.

Unfortunately as I was not able to attend the meetings last week until Wednesday I am only now really catching up from the presentation delivered a week ago.  Relative to the bullets points from the presentation listed below, I do have some comments.

---bullets extracted from presentation---
*        From a customer point of view I would expect CSSM to be able to work with one namespace
*        A possible exception would be CCSDS wide XML schemata like for time codes etc.

T I can appreciate that a single namespace, with the exception of CCSDS wide schemata, will be more straightforward for implementations.    If we are just using a single namespace I believe this then means that we will have to be careful to avoid element name clashes between SOS, SMURF, Svc Pkg Result, etc.  Of course the analysis of "clashes" in a single namespace cannot be done yet, but I think it may be worthwhile to keep in mind that we may have to consider additional namespace if we start to see term "clashes" that can only be sorted out by different namespaces.

I am not sure if this was noted at the meeting, so please excuse the "redundant" email if that was the case.

Best regards,

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