[Smwg] CSSM WG Updated Actions 10 Mar 2015

Tuttle, Karen L. (GRC-MSC0) karen.l.tuttle at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 10 21:11:29 UTC 2015

CSSM WG Colleagues --

The latest action item list from today's telecom is attached and can also be found on the CWE at:


The following actions are due at the Spring Meeting in Pasadena:

AI #    Action  Assignee        Due Date
2014-1112-02    Provide examples of recurrent requests for your agency  CC      9-Mar-15
2014-0401-01    Provide the key reporting metrics or statistical characterizations, with definitions that are reported for each Agency’s networks’ service accounting for the customer (as it relates to the Service Package/Service agreement and recommendations for other metrics reported out weekly/monthly, etc). EB      21-Mar-15
2014-0603-02    Provide write up on metadata for delta dor use case re: service package and service request     EB      21-Mar-15
2014-1113-03    Perform an analysis of the accountability data from each of the agencies        JR      21-Mar-15
2014-1114-05    Update planning data format white book  CH      21-Mar-15
2014-1114-06    Complete the service request component write-up EB, JPC 21-Mar-15
2014-1114-07    Flexibility and Constraints extensibility schema for the service request        JVP     21-Mar-15
2014-1114-08    Service request vs planning request alignment   JPC, CH, JVP    21-Mar-15
2014-1114-10    First draft (white book) of the Trajectory Prediction book      JR      21-Mar-15
2014-1114-11    List of questions for the Generic File Transfer preliminary draft       CH      21-Mar-15
2014-1114-12    First draft (white book) of the Event Sequence  PP, EB  21-Mar-15
2014-1114-13    Strawman on service package result structuring  JPC, JVP        21-Mar-15
2011-0520-06    State policy for schema maintenance regarding SANA and provide writeup of policy. Provide initial input by 13 May.      EB      23-Mar-15
2014-1113-04    Do a proof of concept for 1) config profile out of service profiles 2) pare down TC/TM SLE-Plus profile (Bake-off)      JVP, AC 23-Mar-15
2014-1114-02    Sort out the abstract request common type for the planning data format  EB, CH, JPC, JVP. MG    23-Mar-15
2014-1114-03    Define the remaining event definitions for the planning data format     All     23-Mar-15
2015-0113-6     Review and provide comments on schema namespace charts prepared by JVP  All     23-Mar-15
2015-0127-1     Provide examples that utilize the proposed namespace structuring        EB, JVP, AC     23-Mar-15
2011-0519-03    Develop approach for integrating externally defined schemas that  evolve independently of SCCS-SM       AC/JVP  Spring 2015 meeting

Looking forward to seeing you at the Spring Meeting,
Karen L. Tuttle
NASA GRC Space Communications & Navigation (SCaN) Standards Manager
216 308-6922 (Cell)

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