[Smwg] Updated Functional Resources Tech Note on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Tue Mar 10 20:19:36 UTC 2015

CSTSWG and CSSMWG colleagues -
I have placed an updated draft version of the Functional Resources Tech Note one the CWE at URL

The updates include:

-          Splitting of IOAG services that have both "online" and "offline" aspects into separate subservices. E.g., The IOAG RAF Data Delivery service, which has both online and offline aspects, is split into three services for the purposes of the FR Tech Note: SLS RAF Data Delivery service (which supplies the online RAF service which the space link is active), the Return Frame Storage service (which captures transfer frames for subsequent delivery via offline RAF and/or RCF service), and RAF Retrieval service (which delivers transfer frames in offline mode). The creation of these subservices is the result of  the need to project the IOAG services onto the three different service configurations by which services are to be scheduled: SLS, retrieval, and forward offline.

-          Removal of section 7, Functional Resources in Service Management and Service Package Execution, to a separate Tech Note which will be updated and re-released at some time in the future. Section 7 is/was an extended operational scenario that has needed to be updated for some time.

-          The names of SCs and FRs associated with the Validated Radiometric Data service have been changed to avoid confusion with the SCs and FRs of the Raw Radiometric Data service.

-          The master Functional Resources type diagram has been updated with respect to the interactions among CFDP-related FRs and other FRs, and to adjust some of the cardinalities to reflect our current understanding of how FR instances relate to each other.

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