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Unfortunately I was not able to found a global description of the CNES. If is still necessary I might be able to give you a synthesis, but will not be before the end of the summer.

Therefore, bellow you can find a small description of the Service Catalog utilization.

Today, there is no formal Service Catalog for the CNES Stations Network ; The CNES Network Users Guide (MUR) provides a general introduction to the CNES Network architecture, with detailed descriptions of the Network Operations Center (NOC), the Orbit Computation Center (OCC), the ground communication networks and the Stations. It is intended to allow potential future missions to assess the suitability of the CNES Station Network Infrastructure for their needs.

It is being updated to reflect the catalog of the services they may offer and to be more specific on the technical interfaces (and supporting standards) that are used for the transfer and the management services. The next version will also reflect the new services related to the recently integrated S+X band stations of Kiruna and Inuvik.
The below summarizes the data transfer services and points out the systems involved in these transfers.

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D0AE90.C2E5AD20]

The process by which a user may request and receive an operational service from the Network is not documented in a unique document. This is distributed in project documents, or various internal interface control documents. It is planned to be assembled in a unique documents.

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