[Smwg] Simple Schedule Recommendation - Draft Red 1.09.

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Wed Jul 15 14:21:06 UTC 2015

Colin and CSSMWG colleagues ---

I have made the last few updates to the XML-schema-related aspects of the Simple Schedule book and posted the result as version R-1.10 in the CWE > Cross Support Services Area (CSS) > Documents > CSS-SM > CWE Private > Schedule Format - xxx Book folder at URL


These changes consist of:

a.  Changing the type of the' 'user' parameter from String[1024] to String[64] in table D-1;

b. Replacing figure D-2, which now shows apertureRef instead of stationRef and antennaRef;

c. Changing the value of apertureRef from "S-1" to "MGS_S-1" in Listing D-1, since the apertureRef must now unambiguously identify the aperture across all stations;

d. Replacing D-3, the XML Spy Grid View of the example Simple Schedule in Listing D-1; and

e. Adding trademark markings after instances of "XML Spy".

I have also made thenecessary changes to the XML schema files themselves and have uploaded them to the CWE > Cross Support Services Area (CSS) > Documents > CSS-SM > Red Book XML Schemas folder:


Best regards,


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Dear all,

                  I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Simple Schedule Red Book, this takes into account the changes that are ongoing with respect to the way which SANA registries are being managed at CCSDS level. This activity hasn't yet been completed so there are a couple of bits highlighted in yellow which will need to be sorted out later. Main impacts of these changes are that there are no longer any Simple Schedule dedicated repositories, all the information we require should be available in existing/in development registries, this has meant a few (relatively) minor tweaks to the data structure;

   stationRef and antennaRef have been replaced by one unique identifier,


   Type,of originatingOrganization parameter is now string64

   Type of user parameter is now string64

   Type of apertureRef is string64

I've also tweaked the UML model a bit and various diagrams and text have been updated to reflect the changes required by the registry issue.

In the meantime, subject to the outstanding  points on the registries, I think we're pretty much finished except for John updating the XML schema.

What's the next step Erik ?, can we go to CESG yet ?

The document, model and diagrams can be found at the following URLs.







Cheers for now,



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