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Marc Blanchet info at sanaregistry.org
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On 22 Jun 2015, at 21:38, Barkley, Erik J (3970) wrote:

> John,
> Thanks for pointing this out. Yes I think we need to get the various 
> namespaces registered for the CSSM SoS  XML schema. I think 
> technically this means that we are getting a SNID (or sub namespace 
> identifier) per the RFC that has been filed with the IETF. As I recall 
> the SNIDs are to be managed by CCSDS directly.


> I think the simple schedule book is indeed the proper reference 
> document for these namespaces. I assume that if we figure out 
> something a little more sophisticated eventually we can revise the 
> registry entries.
> SANA Steering Group,
> Can you please provide information on how to request the various 
> namespaces?

The book (315) governing the namespaces is still not published yet. But 
the intent is that the namespaces are managed by SANA. Currently, the 
candidate registry (waiting for final publication of 315 to move the 
registry as approved) is: http://sanaregistry.org/r/urn/urn.html

The registration policy is that the requests are reviewed by an XML 
expert group which has not been set, to my knowledge. In the mean time, 
I guess the SSG can take on that task, as any other 

Therefore, my suggestion is to send a formal request of the desired 
namespace to SANA (info at sanaregistry.org) and then we will ask the SSG 
to review/approve the request.

Space Assigned Numbers Authority

> Thank you in advance.
> Best regards,
> -Erik
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> SMWG colleagues ---
> During last week the CSSMWG telecon, we discussed the SANA registries 
> that would have to be in place by the time that the Simple Schedule 
> book is published. During the discussion of the XML schema registry, I 
> side-tracked the conversation for a bit (for which I apologize) about 
> whether the request to SANA for an XML schema registry needs any 
> further action on our (CSSMWG) part at this time. We concluded that 
> the request for the SCCS-SM Information Entity XML Schema registry 
> that Colin had submitted to SANA puts the next action on SANA.
> However, there *was* something that was bothering me in the back of my 
> mind - the need to register the  URN namespaces used by the schemas.
> The XML schemas used by the Simple Schedule are defined in three 
> namespaces: 'urn:ccsds:schema:cssm:smInfoEntHeader:1.0.0', 
> 'urn:ccsds:schema:cssm:ccsdsTimecodes:1.0.0', and 
> 'urn:ccsds:schema:cssm:simple_schedule:1.0.0'.
> There is a candidate SANA URN Namespace 
> (http://sanaregistry.org/r/urn/urn.html), which was last updated on 15 
> December 2014. All of the namespaces listed in that registry are still 
> listed with a Status of 'Provisional' (presumably because the registry 
> itself is still only a candidate), including  the NDM XML schemas 
> namespace (given that the NDM XML schemas are normative and published 
> elsewhere by SANA, I think that the namespace is well past being 
> merely provisional).
> In any case, I believe that there is an additional action needed to 
> get our three namespaces added to the SANA CCSDS URN registry, and to 
> understand what needs to happen to get that registry actually approved 
> .
> A final note - the namespace registry has a Reference column. All but 
> the NDM XML namespace has a reference of CCSDS 315.1-Y-0, and the NDM 
> XML namespace entry has no Reference supplied. Should we use the 
> Simple Schedule Book as the reference document for our three 
> namespaces?
> Again, my apologies for fumbling this topic when we discussed it last 
> Thursday.
> Best regards,
> John
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