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Colin.Haddow at esa.int Colin.Haddow at esa.int
Wed Nov 19 15:24:06 UTC 2014

Dear all,
                  after the RID review in London there were still 4 RIDs
where the disposition was TBD, please find below my proposed disposition of 3
of these

Martin note that what I propose with respect to the use of frequency band in
the unused time case will affect the updates to your diagram and supporting

NASA - 26 (also affects responses to NASA-11 and JMS06 (CNES))

The frequencyBand parameter would be more useful to potential user if the
free time antenna's frequency band were specified.
For example, NASA's Space Network TDRS satellites Single Access (SA) antennas
can support S-band, Ku-band, and some can support Ka-band, but not all TDRS
satellites can do that.
When a user wants to use Antenna Free Time, and sees that, for example,
TDRS-6 SA antenna 1 is free, but it cannot support Ka band.  The potential
user would not know that until, possibly, too late to make use of the Free

Proposed Response
Agreed, for the case of unused time it shall be possible (but not mandatory)
to specify a frequency band. This would be done as follows (NOTE what is
suggested also requires the addition of the value ALL to the permitted
frequencyBand values);
To specify unused time on a particular ban of an Antenna the following would
need to be specified;
   ScheduledPackage.user              NETWORK                (as per agreed
   ScheduledActivity.StationRef       specify the Station
   ScheduledActivy.AntennaRef  specify the Antenna                   (NOTE:
   This parameter will be mandatory after the update)
   ServiceInfo.frequencyBand   specify the Band or ALL               (ALL
   being specified if all frequency bands supported by the antenna are
   ServiceInfo.serviceType            UNUSED

IM-001 (Eumetsat)

It is suggested to add an additional but optional parameter, after the “user”
one, in order to be able to provide if desired an informal name to the
official SANA spacecraft name. E.g. “Metop-B” or “M02” instead of “METOP1
S-)”. This additional parameter is only intended for extra information, to
complement the “user” name for the sake of clarification. The particular user
to decide whether to use this field or not and to decide the “informal”
spacecraft name. This could for ease of understanding.

Proposed Response
Agreed: An optional comment parameter will be added to the ScheduledPackage
class that may be used for the provision of "informal" spacecraft names or
other ad hoc information.

HH-04 (Eumetsat)

EUMETSAT exchange files with both NASA (WOTIS/NENSE) and NOAA at least 3 to 4
times per week. Each of these exchanges use completely different file
Unfortunately I cannot align either of the file formats to the example shown
in figure B-3.
Were these files taken into consideration when this “Simple Schedule Format
Specification” was specified?
(Examples omitted)

Proposed Response
Pending result of action 2014-1110-03	"Look at the test report and provide any
comments on mapping to SN or NEN items for EUMETSAT RID HH004. (Perform
analysis relative to test report and as to ability to map to proposed
standard.)"            Due date 9-Dec-14


Consider making “antennaref” a required and not an optional parameter.RID

Supporting Analysis
The cases when this parameter is relevant are many more than those where it
is not: multiple antennas per station to be differentiated ; antennas with
different sizes, frequency bands and performances (not equivalent to support
satellites) ; having different location or transit times (processing of
localization data or time synchronization); …
Without this information, the information on unallocated time becomes
meaningless to the users: availability is per antenna that may actually
provide a support and not per station (as a group of adequate and not
adequate antennas).
In CNES experience, only antennas are allocated, not stations.
To some extent, "stationRef" could be optional... but this RID doesn't
propose that change as it doesn't hurt to have it a required parameter.

Proposed Response
Agreed: antennaRef will be made mandatory.

Cheers for now,



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