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John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
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CSSMWG colleagues ---
You should have received a copy of my response to Gian Paolo Calzolari's conditions for the publication of the Extensible SCCS-SM Concept Green Book, along with a marked-up copy of that draft Green Book. In the interest of resolving Gian Paolo's conditions and getting the book published in the most timely manner, Erik and I agree to send it simultaneously to Gian Paolo and the WG. The primary audience for this draft is Gian Paolo, and as soon as he releases his conditions on the book we plan to send it to the Secretariat for any final (re)editing that may be necessary. However, if you wish to review the proposed changes, you are most welcome to do so, and any comments received before we get the final disposition from Gian Paolo will be considered.

One final note - at the last telecon, we decided to replace "Functional Group" with "Abstract Service Unit" and "Functional Group specialization" with "Service Unit". In the days following the telecon, there was an objection raised from outside the WG that "service unit" could be interpreted as providing a complete service, rather than representing a piece of the functionality that is needed to provide a service. After considering various alternatives, we've changed the proposed new names to "Abstract Service Component" and "Service Component", respectively. Hopefully, these names will more fully reflect the "piece of" notion.

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Subject: SLS Comments on Extensible SCCS SM Concept Green Book

Gian Paolo,
Thank you for your detailed review of the proposed Green Book. I have responded to each of your concerns in a manner which I hope resolves your conditions for the publication of the book. I have attached a copy of your CESG review comments, annotated with my responses. I have also attached a marked-up copy of the draft Green Book with the proposed modifications included.

Note that there are a number of modifications in section 6 that are *not* the direct result of your comments, but rather due to changes to the data model that have occurred in the past few months. In some cases the changes made some of your comments non-applicable, but in all cases I tried to understand and comply with the spirit of your comments.

I look forward to your evaluation of the updated draft and whether it resolves the conditions that you have placed on the book.

Best regards,

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