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We heard your suggestions and considered them but we believe that the original suggested 5 bit (32 protocols) was adequate but provided for unexpected growth by providing the signaled inclusion of an additional 255 IDs.  Why add a byte when we don’t need it? Of course, this can be discussed further in CLE.

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Just a clarification about the field transporting the protocol identifiers. In the past weeks, we discussed with Ed, Gian Paolo and Keith about the large space allocated so far (8+5 bits) and somehow agreed that we can simply have 8 bits (256 combinations are enough to account all different protocol and extensions where applicable) and leave the remaining 5 (which help for 32-bits alignment) as reserved. However, I cannot see this point reflected in the current version of the book. If this solution could be implemented in the book, then we could use any of the 5-reseved bits to bring information about the COP stuff, without mixing together COP and proto identifiers in the 8 bits field.

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Dear SLP WG,

Please find the minutes of USLP Draft White Book Telecon #4 on the CWE under the following URL:


The filename is: USLP Telecon 4 minutes March 08_2016

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