[Sls-slp] USLP capability of direct PDU insertion into Frame Data Field

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Our basic service primative for other protocols to use USLP is the packet primative. It is the same one we have been using for TM, AOS, TC except we also added a Protocol ID field to accommodate upper layer protocols. Do you see a problem with this approach ?
So yes, the I/F is different from AOS, TC, TM but only very slightly different by one parameter.


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Subject: RE: [Sls-slp] USLP capability of direct PDU insertion into Frame Data Field

Hi Greg,
With this do you mean that “higher” layer protocol PDUs can be directly encapsulated into USLP, avoiding the use of the Encaps Service? If this is the case, I guess ( I don’t remember right now) that the service primitives exposed to the upper layers (e.g., LTP or BP) will override the primitives currently offered by the Encaps service. On the contrary, if the primitives are different I’d say that the interface between USLP and the higher layer protocols will be different from the case where you have Encaps instead of USLP. Can you develop a bit more on this point?


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Subject: [Sls-slp] USLP capability of direct PDU insertion into Frame Data Field

Dear SLP members,

Just as a reminder, the definition of the Protocol ID field within the USLP Transfer Frame Data Field Header allows for the capability of inserting CCSDS recognized PDUs directly into the data field I.e., data zone in USLP parlance of the frame. See Section TRANSFER FRAME DATA FIELD HEADER



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